Financial Policy*

Thank you for choosing Dr. Wiggins and his staff for your oral and maxillofacial surgery care. We appreciate you entrusting your care to us. The following is a summary of our Financial Policy.

You Are Responsible for Your Bill

As the recipient of our services, you are responsible for the charges associated with each of the services you receive during the course of your treatment. You (or your parent or guardian, if you are a minor), must pay for the services you receive from our office. You may have insurance or financial support from family members or friends who may pay all or a portion of your bill, but you remain legally fully responsible for your entire bill.

Payment for Our Services is Due on the Day You Receive Services

Delay in payment increases clerical and administrative costs forcing us to reflect these increases in our fees. Therefore, payment is due on the day you receive services. If you do not have insurance, the entire amount of your bill will be due prior to your procedure.

We accept cash and local personal checks. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We offer low interest financing plans** which are available to you from outside financing sources. We are unable to finance your treatment through our office. You cannot pay your bill over time or on account through our office.

If You Have Insurance

If you have dental or medical insurance, we will assist you in receiving the maximum allowable benefits available under your insurance policies. We will file a claim for services on your behalf, and in many cases we can receive some payment directly from your insurance company. However, you remain fully responsible for your entire bill, not your insurance company.

We will collect your portion of the estimated bill on the day of your appointment. We determine this amount by estimating the services we believe you will receive and then estimating the charges you will incur based upon information we have about your insurance policy. Please keep in mind that this is only an estimate. We cannot always determine the exact services you will require. You may require additional services (or fewer services), in which case your charges may be greater or less than our estimate. Also, insurance companies do not guarantee their estimates unless they are in writing. In fact it is very common for pretreatment estimates to be wrong. We can never be held responsible for wrong pretreatment estimates, and we never guarantee the final payment amount from your insurance company. If we do not receive full payment for services on your behalf from your insurance company after following claim submission procedures, you will be responsible for the remaining balance. If the insurance company pays more than we expect for the treatment provided, you will be given the difference.

Treatment Decisions

We feel strongly that treatment decisions must ultimately be made by you taking into account the information given by your surgeon. While insurance coverage may be considered, it should not be the deciding factor in your choice of treatment.


If you desire a payment plan, we will help you arrange financing through CareCredit**. They offer several low interest and no interest financing options**.

You may apply for financing by Internet, telephone, or mail. If you apply over the Internet or by telephone, you will receive immediate notification of your acceptance in most cases.

Feel Free to Ask Our Financial Coordinator Any Questions You May Have.

Our financial coordinator will gladly answer your questions regarding your bill and help you make financial arrangements.

* Financial policy subject to change without notice
** Financing subject to credit approval
*** May be more or less depending on the insurance company you use